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About Roleplay Schools

Post by coyote13 on Fri Jul 08, 2016 5:22 pm

Welcome to Roleplay Schools!
Here is a friendly community that will give free knowledge about Literary Roleplay. If you're new here, I recommend you check our rules and terms of the site before registering. Feel free to contact us through the Guest Thread. We rely on your patience to wait for a staff member to answer your message via email, so don't forget to put a valid email address in the post so we can answer it.

We were happy to know that you have interest to learn about the Literary Roleplay. Really it is a fascinating RPG type and we are sure you will love it. Here in Roleplay Schools, you will learn about the general rules of LRP (Literary Roleplay) and have tips when creating characters and writing RPG posts or shouts. Feel free to contact us via PM after register.

If you already have experience and are interested in helping Roleplay Schools when becoming a teacher, you should know about the responsibility you will have with this role. You should take care of the content that you give for students. So if you are a private teacher, check the age of the students before starting to teach them. Feel free to contact us via PM after register.

Parents and Guardians
We were also pleased to know that you are interested in go along with your child in Roleplay Schools. If they is under 13, we advise you to follow them upon registration to help when placing their age. We would like that them be honest, so we can take some more care with the contents exposed to them. We rely on your help for Roleplay Schools become an ever safer place for all students. If you want to contact us, check the "Guest Thread".

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